VideoBridge Interactive Marketer

Capture valuable data and delight your customer with a custom, instantly generated video.

VideoBridge Interactive Marketer is an online application that seamlessly compiles a unique video for your website user, based on the information they provide. In this way, VideoBridge can work alongside and elevate your inbound marketing efforts. While users have become accustomed to submitting contact info and answering other basic questions in order to download an e-book or access other content, you now have the opportunity to not only collect that information but immediately put it to use in providing a video that appears tailor-made to each individual user.

For example, an HR consultancy might want to ask prospective clients, “What’s your biggest HR challenge?” and “How many employees are on your team?” After selecting the most appropriate answer from drop down options, the user can – seconds later – view a video where the onscreen actor provides a recommendation for the concern they identified, with specific reference to their size of business. One person’s video might provide tips for hiring the best talent in a small business, while the next user might hear about retention best practices for companies with more than 100 employees. VideoBridge helps you find that sweet spot between what you want to communicate and what actually provides value to your audience. It aligns your business goals with your customers’ goals.

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CANTERRA SEEDS used VideoBridge as part of their “Shut the Sell Up” campaign, a multi-pronged initiative that involved both traditional advertising and new media. The goal was to position the seed company and its retail partners as “anti‑salesmen” focused on fulfilling the needs of the grower not their own bottom lines.

The campaign began with a series of customer data capture initiatives aimed at building CANTERRA’s sales lead database. While this continued throughout the campaign with referral and incentive-based tactics, sign-ups were immediately followed by direct-to-audience communications using VideoBridge technology. These communications reoccurred at regular intervals throughout the six-month campaign, leveraging audience members who got involved in the initiative (through send-to-friend mechanisms) while also engaging any new additions. As a result of the campaign, CANTERRA was able to add 2000 new names to its contact database, successfully engage new customers, sell appropriate levels of seed products and support its retail channels all while reducing their campaign budget by 10%.